Evil Eye Steel Pendant

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Protect yourself from the Evil Eye with our stainless steel pendant embodying the power of the warding eye.
This unique accessory not only serves as a stylish adornment but also shields you from negative energy. The warding eye, intricately designed in stainless steel, stands guard to protect your spiritual and energetic space.
Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this pendant highlights your individuality and instills confidence in any situation. Wear it not only to be stylish but also to feel protected.
This pendant with the warding eye can also be a special gift for those you wish to bestow protection and well-being upon. Reflect the gaze of negativity with our protective pendant – an embodiment of magic and style.

Gender Women
Material Metal, Stainless Steel
Color Silver
Rhinestones color White
Diameter 21 mm
Height max 32 mm
Please note the pendant is sold without a chain

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