Tree of Life Steel Pendant

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Immerse yourself in the harmony of nature with our stainless steel pendant featuring the Tree of Life.
This exquisite piece not only captivates with its intricate design but
also carries profound symbolism. The Tree of Life reflects the eternal cycle of
growth, strength, and reproduction.
Crafted from durable stainless steel, this pendant will serve you for
years, maintaining its beauty and shine. Wear it to emphasize your connection
to nature and symbolize care for health and well-being.
This Tree of Life pendant can also make a special gift, reminding of the importance of growth, balance, and harmony in life. Discover the power of nature with this unique pendant, brimming with meaning

Gender Women
Material Metal, Stainless Steel
Color Gold
Rhinestones color White
Diameter 24 mm
Height max 34 mm
Please note the pendant is sold without a chain

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