Set of Honey Essential Candles Home Cleansing

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A honey scented candle is designed to decorate the interior or conduct a ritual to cleanse any closed space from negative energies and black magic, as well as to cleanse the house from the energy of past owners when moving.
It consists of natural substances, does not contain toxic substances.
In a calm state and during firing, it releases antiseptic and immunostimulating substances that are beneficial to health.
It burns with a beautiful high flame.

Safety regulations
  • before use, free the candle from all decorative elements,
  • do not light a candle near flammable objects,
  • do not use with strong airflow,
  • use deep wide candlesticks for candles with herbs,
  • do not leave burning candles unattended,
  • do not blow out the candle, but extinguish it with a special cap or any metal object.

Package contents: 2 pieces
Size 110×30 mm, 4,3"×1,18"
1 candle burning time is 150 min
Packing: cardboard box 1 peace
Detailed instructions for the ritual to cleanse any closed space (room, officem house, warehouse)

lwh: 200x30x30 mm