A set of Honey Scented Candles House Cleansing + Attract Money and Good Luck

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Honey aroma candles are designed for Interior Decoration or two rituals: Cleansing the House and Attracting Money and Good Luck.
It consists of natural substances, does not contain toxic substances.
In a calm state and during combustion, it releases antiseptic and immunostimulating substances that are beneficial to health.
It burns with a beautiful high flame.
It has a persistent aroma of natural oils and plants.

Safety regulations
  • before use, free the candle from all decorative elements,
  • do not light a candle near flammable objects.
  • do not use at high airflow,
  • use deep wide candlesticks for candles with herbs,
  • do not leave burning candles unattended,
  • do not blow out the candle, but extinguish it with a special cap or any metal object.

Package contents: 2 pcs
Candle size 110×30 mm
Burning time 1 candle 150 minutes
Packing: carton box 1 piece
Detailed instructions for two rituals.