Ghost Tarot

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The Ghost Tarot deck was created by Italian illustrator David Corsi using CGI.
The deck is mystical, romantic, a little sad.
Ghost Tarot belongs to the Rider-Waite system, but sometimes the plots of the cards are  very different from the classics.
The cards tell stories of undead souls. Strong emotions and experiences do not allow them to completely leave the intermediate world.
The Tarot of Ghosts is suitable for divination and magical work.
This deck is NOT suitable for beginners.
The cards convey dreams, desires and fantasies well.
Suitable for tarot readers who like gothic, fantasy.

Artwork, concept and design by David Corsi.
Contents: 78 cards.
The size of the cards is 105×60 mm, 4.13"×2.36".
The language is English.
Packing: cardboard box.
Please note, this is a travel set, therefore the guidebook is not included.

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