Thelema Tarot

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Thelema Tarot is a classic deck created according to the Rider Waite tarot system.
Suitable for beginners and professionals.
This Tarot deck reflects the magical art of the School of Thelema, which was created by the greatest magician Aleister Crowley.
The magic of Thelema consists of spells and mysticism, tradition and clairvoyance, prophecy and secret sacred knowledge.
The teachings of the School of Thelema were based on the legends of the Jewish Kabbalah.
Illustrations of the Thelema Tarot are created by computer graphics and delight with delightful colors.
The back of the cards features a Jewish star, and the deck itself is so permeated with tarot card symbolism that it doesn't even take a book to figure out what the cards are talking about.

Author, artist Renata Lechner.
Contents: 78 cards.
The size of the cards is 105×60 mm.
The language is English.
Packing: cardboard box.
Please note that this is a travel deck, so instructions are not included.

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