Tarot of White Cats

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Taro of White cats is easy to understand because of the fabulous illustrations. White cats are the main characters.
The deck corresponds to the traditional symbolism, but is distinguished by the absence of gloomy mysticism.
The Minor Arcana are drawn in the classic Rider-Waite Tarot system, however, the Major Arcana Justice has serial number 8 here, and Strength - 11.
The deck is universal. Answers any questions.
The deck is suitable for beginners and experts.

Author and artist Severino Baraldi.
Contents: 78 cards.
The size of the cards is 105×60 mm, 4.13"×2.36".
The language is English.
Packing: cardboard box.
Please note, this is a travel set, therefore the physical guidebook is not included. However, the guidebook can be downloaded by scanning the code located on the box.

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