Dugan Witches Tarot

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Witches Tarot Witches Tarot was created by a medium, clairvoyant, practicing magician with great experience Ellen Dugan.
This easy-to-use deck echoes the traditional Rider-Waite structure.
Each card is rich in pagan symbolism.
The major arcana include The High Priest insteed The Hierophant, the Wheel of the Year instead of the Wheel of Fortune, Karma instead of the Judgment and the Shadow Side instead of the Devil.
The deck is suitable for beginners and experts.

Author Ellen Dugan.
Illustrated by Mark Evans.
Contents: 78 cards.
The size of the cards is 105×60 mm, 4.13"×2.36".
The language is English.
Packing: cardboard box.
Please note, this is a travel set, therefore the physical guidebook is not included. However, the guidebook can be downloaded by scanning the code located on the box.

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